Here is a list of things coming up.  This will be a sticky and always at the top.

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Weekly Ontario SATERN IRLP Net 9032  0200 Zulu Monday (?)

Here is a link to Alberta & Northern Division events.

Have a SATERN event? e-mail me with details,  73 Steve VE6VS

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Consolidation of pages

Over the next while I am going to combine all the sites into a single one with provincial sub-sections.  It will simplify keeping news and links current.  I am wintering near Washington and hope to make a visit to SA HQ sometime this spring.

The updated SATERN handbook is being reviewed and will probably be distributed as an online document.

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Alberta Flooding 2013

Central and southern Alberta experienced heavy flooding in late June 2013 and SATERN and SA are still on the scene (July 1-2013) at a number of locations and feeding about 1200 people per day.  The flooding affected low lying areas including Calgary, High River, Canmore, Blackie and others.

high river 21

Via Doug VE6CID, outside the EOC in High River


This is the repeater we installed to link up FARS to local High River repeater on
146.700 –   This repeater is on the roof of the hospital.  Vince VE6LK, VE6GAD, VE6CID were there.  Doug’s portable VHF repeater and link to FARS.

More pictures and details will be added as they become available.

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I have set up an account @SATERNRedDeer primarily to dispense call out information as necessary.

I presently follow Salvation Army EDS @SalArmyEDS,

Canadian EDS @SalArmyEDShqCa and

Global Disaster Alarts @GDACS

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14065 Bulletin Board

It started with beacons promoting the SATERN Net which has become a bulletin board of sorts.  If you have flmsg set up leave fldigi running on 14065 during the day, make sure receive RSID is on.  Even with check sum errors messages will display on your screen.

The flmsg format messages can be saved and/or resent.  Its a good practice on using the program.  I would suggest that we use the Radiogram more often as it will be probably see more use than the generic form.

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Musical Monitors

Most hams fear causing interference but occasionally it bites back.  I have a Samsung SyncMaster as a second monitor on my desk.  On 20 meters is would cause an S-7 level hash wiping out anything I hoped to hear including the 20 meter Digital Net.  One of our monitors at the store was retired as it was not bright enough for the too-well lit mall.  So my wife got my big monitor, (mine is bigger) and her old monitor is my new second monitor.   And the QRMing Samsung, gone to the mall, but who works 20 in a shopping mall?  Update:  Now I have hash on 40 but as I leave my radio on 14065 during the day this is ok, for now.

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FL Suite updated

fldigi and flmsg have been updated and are even more NBEMS friendly.

The message component has added a Red Cross Health and Welfare and a US Army MARS form.  I don’t see why the H&W form would not work fine for SATERN.

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SuitSat signals startle spouse

ARISSAT-1 passed by at 0520Z.  I heard the signals on 145.950 quite clearly.  Loraine wanted to know who was talking in Russian in my shack.

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