This is the unofficial SATERN Alberta blog.  SATERN you say?  Is my spel Czech broke?  Its short for Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network.  One of the functions is to provide communications via Amateur Radio for EDS when normal communications are either down or overloaded.  EDS?  I keep throwing out these acronyms.  Emergency Disaster Services is wide-ranging support to the community during emergencies.  Services range from sending the Canteen Truck to fire scenes to setting up shelters and feeding folks displaced from floods or tornadoes.   We are our brother’s keepers and in times when they cannot stand on their own we will be there.

There will be pictures and news and upcoming events so check in often, keep me updated and feel free to submit something.

Blessings to all

Steve VE6VS


2 Responses to About SATERN

  1. Hello Steve:
    I work for the Salvation Army at Agape Hospice and am a licened Ham radio operator. How can I get involved with SATERN?

    Currently in my private life I work within my own church group and we have a Sunday evening net on two meters at145.29 at 9:00 PM. We are part of the Murcury Alberta Radio group Calgary Chapter.

    Brien Cushman
    403 282-6588 Ext 222

  2. Steve L. says:

    Hopefully Doug or Ralph in Calgary will see this. But in the meantime here is the SATERN Director’s info.

    Rick Shirran Major (VE3NUZ)
    Emergency Disaster Services Director, Canada & Bermuda Territorial Headquarters
    US National Liaison Officer for SATERN
    The Salvation Army, 2 Overlea Blvd, Toronto Ontario M4H 1P4, Canada
    E-mail: Rick_Shirran@can.salvationarmy.org


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