We are experimenting with the Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System.  This is a digital system that uses a number of formats primarily variants of Olivia, MT63, BPSK and other modes.  The beauty of this system is that it allows reliable transmission of computer files as well as sending ARRL RadioGram and ICS forms that will output in their standard format.

The first example that comes to mind is a spreadsheet listing folks at a shelter along with medication notes and special requirements.  Try doing that by voice!  Most of these formats will work low power and high noise floor.  We have established  a digital net  using 14,065 MHz and 7,065 MHz, quiet channels based on the the existing SATERN frequencies.  I have built interfaces to connect with handhelds for direct point to point or through repeaters.  Message length will be a consideration because of time out issues.  A Yahoo Group has been created specifically for SATERN use.  There is also a general discussion group here.  Please see the sidebar for other groups.


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