ICS 213 flarq hint

For most of us here in California that are involved with RACES we will be using this form. Your customer may be Red Cross or Salvation Army (SATERN) where your needs maybe different.

FLmsg uses the Standard ICS213 Format. Nothing more, nothing less. You will notice that the format is entirely different from the ARRL Radio Gram (NTS).

What I’m going to do is create a ICS213 message from my Station going to another Station in the Group and using FLarq to transmit it.  The Addressee will be the last station in the link of those who have checked in.

Using FLarq is nothing more than making a connection via Packet Radio.  You have a window to enter in the stations call sign and pressing the Connect button.

FLarq will need to be configured before hand.

Start FLarq.
Enter in: Your Callsign
Retries = 5
Wait time = 10
Timeout = 60
Beacon Text = as required
Default Beacon Interval = Default
TX delay = 500
Block Size = 128 

The above settings are not written in stone and the parameters like, Retries, Wait time, Timeout, and TX Delay can be tweaked to fit your needs.  For Block Size. I recommend 128 for HF and 256 for VHF. Very similar to Packet Radio settings.  Under very poor conditions dropping Block Size to 64 or 32 will help with throughput BUT it also increases the time in sending the message.

Now unlike the AutoSend command in FLmsg, the message will NOT automatically open up into FLmsg or you default Web Browser. You will have to Navigate to the NBEMS.Files folder.

A shortcut can be placed on the Desktop pointing to the folder. We will explore this more during the Net and /or on Echolink.

73 for now de Steve  KB6HOH


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