NBEMS Net Frequencies

Canada SATERN  link

 3583.5 KHz 0200Z Monday and Wednesday
7065    KHz   0100Z  Monday and Wednesday

14065   KHz 0000Z  Monday and Wednesday Olivia/500, and MT-63/5000 modes


3583.5 KHz pri or 3578.5 KHz sec 2000 PDT/0300 Z Sunday  Olivia 8/500 for Checkins and MT63/1000 for Message handling


7.036 USB every Wednesday evening at 7pm ET,  8/500 Olivia, 1000 Hz center waterfall frequency


3583.5 (Centered on 1000 Hz)  10:00 AM Local
Net ops on Olivia 8/500, bulletin transmission MT63 1k long (64 bit interleave), testing of WRAP

New U.S. East NBEMS net and paNBEMS schedule change

We’re discontinuing the paNBEMS Tuesday evening net but the paNBEMS 10am Sunday morning 80m net will remain active and unchanged.

There is a new 40m Regional net – U.S. East NBEMS – on 7.036 USB every Wednesday eve at 7pm ET,  8/500 Olivia, 1000 Hz center waterfall frequency.

The www.paNBEMS.org website has been updated to reflect these changes.

I would like to encourage any NBEMS local, state or regional nets to have a liaison station attend the new Wednesday evening US East net whenever possible. Feel free to bring traffic in FLMSG or plain text to either of the NBEMS nets.

Both nets are a great opportunity for us to practice moving information to and from the local nets.

I have volunteered to take NCS duties one Wed eve per month for the US East NBEMS net and will be operating from the Skyview Radio Society Club station (WX3SKY / K3MJW). Skyview is an ARRL/ARES Official Emergency/Relay Station.

Thanks. -Dave, KB3FXI

New York NBEMS

7.036 KHz Saturday 1400Z (summer) 1500 Z (winter )
local Olivia/500, MT-63/500 and MT-63/1000 modes

In an areawide cooperation with like minded groups in the northeast, we will be starting a weekly digital training net on 40 meters on Saturday July 2nd at 10AM. The frequency that we will be using is our TAC P (7.036 usb) with a digimodes waterfall spot of 1 Khz. This will put your dial on 7.036 and your actual carrier will be on 7.037 Mhz. We will be using the Olivia/500, MT-63/500 and MT-63/1000 modes.


3 Responses to NBEMS Net Frequencies

  1. The NY NBEMS net will be 10AM local time on the east coast:
    10AM EDT = 1400Z (summer)
    10AM EST = 1500Z (winter)

  2. Mike Coslo N3LI says:

    Your link to paNBEMS.org goes to a site for people looking for ideas for education and jobs.

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