This is a work in progress and will be converted to Zulu time  Please advise me of any errors

The Ontario SATERN IRLP Net is held Monday evenings at o200 Z using relector 9032. When band conditions are favourable, the Canada/Bermuda SATERN HF net is also active during this time slot on 3740 kHz SSB.

High Frequency Radio Nets

14265      kHz SSB 1500 Z Monday through Friday International
14265      kHz SSB 1500 Z Saturday – SAROF (Salvation Army Radio Operator Fellowship) International 

Digital Net temporary inactive

14065      kHz DIGITAL Experimental Net (0000 & 1600 Zulu)  Olivia 16/500
  7065      kHz DIGITAL Experimental Net (0030 Zulu)   Olivia 16/500 

  7100      kHz SSB 0030 Z  Sunday – Australia (0930 Local)

 7265      kHz SSB 1500 Z Saturday – Central Territory SAROF Net
7265      kHz SSB 1400 Z Saturday – Eastern Territory
7265      kHz SSB 1530 Z Saturday – Central Territory
7262      kHz SSB 1500 Z Saturday – Southern Territory 

  5330.5  kHz SSB 0400 Z Daily – Alaska (Alternate frequency 5346.5 KHz )
5330.5  kHz SSB 1900 CT Tuesday – Central Area (Alternate frequency 5346.5 kHz)

  3740     kHz SSB 0200 Z Monday – Canada & Bermuda Territory
3920     kHz SSB 2030 CT Tuesday – Kansas & Missouri  Division
3977.7 kHz SSB 0400 Z Sunday – Western Territory
3963     kHz SSB 1830 CT Tuesday – Missouri
3903     kHz SSB 0900 CT Daily – Oklahoma

SATERN provides emergency communications support to the Salvation Army wherever needed on site, at the local level, via VHF/UHF Nets. During wide-spread emergencies (hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires, etc.), the 14265 kHz Net becomes emergency traffic and H&W Net providing tactical assistance to those on site and handling outgoing H&W messages. The 14265 kHz Net is generally on the air from 1200Z to approximately 0100Z during times of wide-spread emergency.   Everyone is welcome to check in

Check our web site at to determine the alert status of the SATERN Net.

SATERN DELTA Alert/Activation Status Sequence

  • DELTA I     –  Training Mode – Regular Daily Net
  • DELTA II   – Regular Daily Net, but also Monitoring Mode after the Net, for specific geographic area and time – SATERN Frequency
  • DELTA III  – Initial Net for Monitoring Mode then for duration of propagation – National Net Director or his appointee and Net relays, announce at the top of each hour DELTA III Status and definition –  SATERN Frequency and Other Emergency Nets -Alert Status Heightened
  • DELTA IV  – Emergency Mode No Daily Net, only Emergency Net – Disaster Strategy Review – Preparation for Event or Stand down/ follow up mode or Debriefing from Event
  • DELTA V  – Catastrophic response – All available hands, all resources on 14.265  MHZ in support of the emergency network. 


  1. Hello my friend I am a new radio operatorwith the call group of O Boundless Salvation or OBS however I will likely get another on of the college that I attended was the KAS or Agr school here in Kemptvile. Do hold beginner, Advanced, & morse Code. Belong ot RAC as well.
    would like to see old equipment donated to the services.

  2. Lee Paulet says:

    kk4vnz…Lee Paulet rep. Florida Phone Trfc Net. Will be checking in to asist with H&w trfc f/ Cabo St. Luca

  3. Paul says:

    I am really interested in tuning in the Satern Digital 20 metre net on 14.064 OLIVIA. I just want to confirm the bit/width for this mode. 73! Paul


    • Steve L. says:

      The INTERNATIONAL SATERN DIGI-NET is on 14.065.0 MHz USB on Saturdays at 1:00 PM (Eastern) / 12:00 PM (Central). Default mode is OLIVIA 8/500 (8 Tones, 500 Wide) + 1500 Hz. The pre-net begins one hour earlier (11:00 CST 16:00 UTC) and net members can use NetLogger on the Internet to check in and monitor net activity.
      73 Steve VE5SR

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